Alyse Thompson


Taylor Ellis

Alyse Thompson and Taylor Ellis

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Our Proposal Story

After 3 years of dating, Taylor and Alyse got engaged. Although not traditional, they decided to get married before the proposal actually took place. Even without the official proposal, they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Alyse and Taylor designed her engagement ring together, and they enlisted the help of Alyse's Mom, Maria and their friends Pat and Karen to help with the logistics of getting the ring to Taylor in Toronto, as it was designed in the States. Once Taylor had the ring in hand, he was determined to surprise Alyse with the proposal, despite her previous involvement in the ring. Taylor planned a couple of well-placed white lies to throw Alyse off the trail, so she would have no idea when, where or how it was going to happen. Then, on their 4th annual trip to the Toronto Christmas Market, Taylor asked a family to take their traditional photo by the Christmas tree. As soon as the camera was in their hands, Taylor dropped to one knee, and asked Alyse to be his wife. What Taylor and Alyse didn't realize in the moment, was that they had attracted quite the crowd, who celebrated with them as Alyse said yes, with claps and cheers. To make the moment even better, the family tasked with taking the photo had captured the whole proposal on video!
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